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What is Period 9?

Period 9 is the time period from 2024 to 2043, a twenty years span that governs the energetic activities on earth.  


The period has actually transiting from Period 8 since 2017 according to the Early Heaven plate.  Period 9 is govern by the energy of Li Gua of the Yi Jing or I-Ching Fire hexagram.  So what does that means?  Fire governs happiness, passion and sparks.  Fire hexagram also represent the middle age woman.  In traditional Chinese Medicine, fire governs the health of your heart and eyes.

There are specific feng shui formula one can use to achieve great wealth in this period of 20 years.

Mountain Lake Reflection
Golf Course with Lake

What if?

If we can align you and your house to the correct Period 9 energy, you can achieve good health and great wealth.  Of course the Man energy meaning the activities of the human must match these energies as well for trifecta effects.

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We have a list of Feng Shui experts and products that can help you align your space to be Period 9 compliance.

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